Sasha, Blue Will O’ Wisp Fairy


The term “will-o’-the-wisp”  or Will O’ Wisp, comes from “wisp”, a bundle of sticks or paper sometimes used as a torch, and the name “Will”, thus meaning “Will of the torch”. The term jack-o’-lantern (Jack of the lantern) originally referred to a will-o’-the-wisp. Folk belief attributes the phenomenon to fairies or elemental spirits. There are many other names for the same phenomenon, though the place where they are observed influences the naming considerably.

The names will-o’-the-wisp and jack-o’-lantern are found in various forms in folk-tales, including Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Appalachia to name a few. The mysterious light’s meaning, origin and intent vary along with the names and locations in which they are seen. Helpful will o’ wisp’s light may guide weary and lost travelers to safety, while mischievous ones may lure them further into the twilight between the mortal and the ethereal realm.



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This fairy measures about 6.5 inches tall and has a wire loop on her back for hanging as if she is in flight.

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