November Greetings…

Hello Faery Friends!
We are nearing the close of another year, and the beginning of a new one. It’s at these times many of us reflect upon our lives–where we are, how far we’ve come, and where we’d like to see ourselves in the coming year.
This artwork made me think of all the people I know with so many wonderful ideas, intentions and dreams who simply put them to the side, as if they are silly or unimportant in real life. So they simply watch life going by, as if confined to a tower, with only a window out into the world. Many of us spend our days, years and a good part of our lives in this way, feeling as if we are capable of so much more, if we only knew the secret to making our own dreams come true.
The secret is simple: We are our only captor, the key is in our own hands. Whatever you feel separates you from everyone else or that keeps you from doing all that you have only dreamed of doing, brush those thoughts away like so many cobwebs. Those ideas that you aren’t good enough, aren’t prepared enough, aren’t whatever enough? Those ideas are false and stealthily destructive over time.
There is never a right time and you will never be fully prepared to undertake any dream, adventure or goal. Time is passing away and opportunity gone with each sunset.
Each day you have a choice: Continue dreaming from your tower window. Or take your key, unlock the door and pass through into your imagined life. It is never too late to step unto the path toward your dream. When it seems too hard and you are about to give up, remember in the middle of every fairytale, the hero continues on, even when it looks like all hope is lost. We cannot know when we will achieve our happily ever after, it is ours only to stay courageous, and never give up.
I pray your path is long, full of discovery, and challenges! I pray you stay on your path even when it is difficult–especially when it is difficult!
There is magic, wonder and possibility for all who choose to see life as such. Now–this moment–is the most magical gift you will ever receive. Use it wisely and unlock its potential and simply take your first step!
Bright Faery Blessings,

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