That Magical Feeling When Someone Believes In You

I once had a collector and friend who commissioned an entire scene for one of her bookcase shelves. This was several years ago, and I cannot find even one photo now of the finished project, unfortunately.
The scene had a rock formation on one side, that had an arch to walk through. One side of the scene was day the other night. On the night side, there was a fountain where a faery walked the stone edge, like a child does on a balance beam. The fountain was fed by “water” coming through at the base of a big tree, at it’s roots. There was a moon and stars, peeping through the silhouettes of other trees and it was perfectly magical.

I somehow got it boxed and shipped to her, even though it was pretty large. It arrived in once piece, and it slid perfectly into her shelf, with no problems. I had worried that I had measured incorrectly.

Whenever I doubt myself, I remember this project. And how I never would have attempted it, had it not been for this friend. She said she wanted a scene for her faeries she collected, and asked if I could do it. At first, I told her no, that I couldn’t. She insisted, and she told me that I could do anything. What a wonderful feeling!

Since then, I have met many people who have become friends, who support me and believe in me totally. Keep those kinds of friends close to you, they are rare gifts. The people who believed in me when no one else did, well, those people will always have a special place in my heart!

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