Happy January, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope your year has gotten off to a wonderful start! My resolution is to get more organized this year! I think I am actually doing it this year, too! So far so good, at least!

I am so excited with all the new followers on my Facebook community page.

The Fantasy Art of Liz Amend on Facebook

We are nearly to 1,500 followers! AMAZING! Once we’ve hit that mark we will be doing a giveaway of a little toddler faery as a thank you for everyone’s participation! As always, I am tickled pink with all the likes, shares and wonderful comments you all leave! Our little page is growing each day, simply due to your participation and enthusiasm, so thank YOU!!!

I have gotten a few emails asking were are the faeries on my website that haven’t sold. Well, you are not overlooking them, more often than not, they are all sold. As soon as I list new faeries for sale on my website, they get snapped up within hour or two. This is why I encourage you to like my Facebook page, and sign up for notifications so you will get notified when I post. I often will let everyone know what day and a time estimate of when faeries will be “flying” in to the website for adoption. I always post links to my website here, along with several pictures of each faery.

Unfortunately, I am just one artist, I am also a wife and mother and though I am an full time artist and am in my studio for several hours each day, alas I can only create so many dolls each week.  They are hand sculpted from scratch, as I like to say. People ask where I get my doll parts, well, I don’t buy anything but big blocks of polymer clay, which must then be conditioned and skin tones mixed and then sculpted into whatever faery I am imagining at the moment. This is what I mean “by scratch.”

I hopefully will get to the promised videos and tutorials that will better explain the process and show beginning artists some tips and tricks on how to get started in making one of a kind art dolls.

Please enjoy the rest of you January, and I hope all your hopes and ambitions for this year come to fruition!

Bright Faery Blessings,

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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours..How fabulous that you might get some tutorials done..i’m so excited….many thanks for keeping in mind. Your creations are just adorable…thanks for sharing.

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