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Hello Faery Friends!

I had to share this neat video! (Link Below) People ask me all the time what I do. Sometimes it’s hard to explain. Especially to people who don’t understand the art doll world or why on earth anyone would be interested in faery creatures or anything make-believe. If I think they won’t truly appreciate what I do or understand, I just tell them that I make dolls. They think that I am a housewife doing crafts to sell for extra money. How quaint, I can almost hear them think to themselves.

But then when someone asks me what I do and I know they will understand, I can answer: I create something from nothing. I try to conjure magic in a world that can be scary and dark at times. I make “make-believe” real again and I remind people to dream and use their imaginations. At the very least, hopefully, I make people smile.

Remember, many songs, movies, books, paintings, sculptures, started as a little idea, or a fleeting thought–perhaps scratched out on a napkin or scrap of paper. It’s those little ideas that someone decided to give their time and passion to, that evolved into the great works of art we know today. There is a thing only you can do, a gift and talent only you have and it may not seem like much to anyone else, but you owe it your time and your energy. heart emoticon

Bright Faery Blessings,

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