…to Nonesuch Hollow!

Hello Fairy Friends!

Thank you for visiting our little enchanted hollow! I am a sculptor, painter and doll artist, and have been creating and offering my art for sale since 2002! I’ve truly been blessed to do what I love for a living, and while I have loved every minute, I’ve also been very concerned with making sure that I am always trying new techniques and materials! I think this shows in my work over the years, and many of my collectors from around the world have bee collecting a variety of different fairy creatures!

Most of my collectors are repeat buyers, which I feel is a very good testament to my art, and the quality of my dolls! If you see most of the listings say “out of stock” please don’t be discouraged! I am always busy in my studio! Each month I try to make each fairy seasonal and also according to holidays as well, so some fairies are only available in spring, others in summer, fall and winter.

As each doll is hand sculpted by me from start to finish, they are time consuming, and since they sell relatively quickly, I always suggest that people check out my Facebook page, (link below) where I give sneak peeks of the latest dolls I’m working on, along with a general idea of when new fairies will be available.

I am not currently taking any special orders, my apologies, but they are a bit time consuming and a bit stressful for me. I try to be as professional as possible but I can never guarantee the creating process will be a simple straight line from start to finish, and sometimes the new collectors of my fairies don’t understand, these are art dolls, and are not produced by a machine in a factory. Add in that I am a wife and mother working from home, with her husband who also is working from home, with several pets, my life can be a bit hectic most days! My loyal collectors over the years are always amazing to work with,  and understand and know the wait will be worth it when their special fairies arrives, even if it is a week or two behind my estimate.

If you should have any questions, please email, I’d be happy to answer, and don’t forget to check out The Fantasy Art of Liz Amend on Facebook for all the latest fairy magic and fun!

Bright Fairy Blessings,

Liz Amend