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The Story of Snowflake the Mouse - Ornament & Story

Please note: I have a limited number of these in stock, as each are hand sculpted, The last day for ordering to receive before Christmas is December 20th, 2016. I cannot guarantee
international shipping will arrive before Christmas, usually international shipping is 5-7 days.

This listing is for one Snowflake the Mouse ornament, and a printed copy on festive Christmas paper, of the story of Snowflake the Mouse. The mouse and story are my own
creation, and are the property of Liz Amend, their creator.

Each ornament is hand sculpted, as all my dolls are,
without the use of molds, so each one is slightly
different, and one of a kind. They are not mass
produced in a factory, but lovingly created by me, the

Snowflake the mouse measures about 3 inches long
and will come with a hook for hanging in your tree,
or he can be nestled in your holiday display. All props
shown in photos do not come with the mouse ornament.

Snowflake the Mouse

One cold December morning Mrs. Claus heard a little scratching sound at her kitchen window. Curious, she looked outside expecting to perhaps see a hungry bird wanting some breadcrumbs. But all that Mrs. Claus could see were fluffy snowflakes gently falling all around. So she went back to mending some of the elves stockings, by the crackling fire, and began to hum a Christmas song.

A few moments later, she heard a faint, but unmistakable tapping sound on glass. This time, when she looked out the window, she saw the tiniest little baby mouse she had ever seen, shivering outside in the cold.

She quickly ran outside and gently picked up the half frozen baby mouse and rushed back inside to warm him up. Mrs. Claus wrapped the rosy-cheeked baby mouse in a soft green stocking. The little mouse, so cold and scared, looked up at her with big, grateful, glistening eyes.

Mrs. Claus got a medicine dropper and fed the hungry mouse some warm milk. The darling little thing drank three droppers full before falling to sleep. Mrs. Claus looked down lovingly at the tiny little mouse, so thankful to have found him in time. She began to make him a tiny baby bunting and a little cap to keep its precious head warm through the long winter.

Just as she was finishing sewing the fuzzy baby bunting, Mr. Claus came into the kitchen from the elve’s workshop. He was taking a break from toy making to get one of Mrs. Claus’s warm cookies. That’s when he saw the tiny baby mouse that she was holding, still fast asleep in the palm of her hand.

“What a precious little mouse!” Mr. Claus whispered. “What shall we name him?”

Just then, Mittens the cat came in from the cold, through her little pet door. Mr. & Mrs. Claus looked warily at her as she came to inspect the new tiny guest. To their surprise, Mittens looked lovingly at the tiny bundled baby mouse. Mittens, still cold from outside, had a light dusting of snow on her head and back. Mr. & Mrs. Claus could hardly believe their eyes when the cat gently kissed the little mouse, and a tiny snowflake fell on his little green cap.

The warmth of the fire quickly melted all the sparkling snow Mittens brought in with her, but the tiny little snowflake that fell where Mittens had kissed the baby mouse, well that one snowflake stayed frozen and sparkling like a tiny jewel.

Mrs. Claus upon seeing this, exchanged a knowing look with Mr. Claus and said, “I think Mittens has just named our baby mouse. What do you think?”

And that’s the story of how this special little baby mouse got his name. Snowflake grew to be a handsome young mouse, under the protection of his loving new mother, Mittens the cat. And that tiny snowflake, a symbol of love and of the magic that can spring forth when we truly care for others, never did melt away.

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