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Create Your Own Faery Friend

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Please note: This listing is for a commissioned fairy sculpture of your choosing, the pictures shown are not the sculptures to be purchased, but examples of sculptures which I have sold in the past. The pictures are merely suggestions for what your special fairy could look like. A questionnaire will be sent to you by email to start the creation process!

This is your chance to take part in the creation of your very own fairy friend! You can choose her pose, expression, hair color, and costume!

This is for one fairy sculpture, if standing measuring 6.5 inches tall, not including stand (which comes with your standing fairy), or a fairy in seated position, measuring 3.5 inches from the top of head to her tushy (but if standing would still measure 6.5 inches tall).

Please refer to pictures for hair color choices, the hair shown is the hair colors available. The poses are just suggestions, and I can do nearly any color combination you wish. As each sculpture is one of a kind, I cannot ever make two exactly the same.

The fairy creation process normally takes 4 weeks, sometimes less, and once complete, I will send pictures to you for your approval before shipping.

If you have any questions, simply contact me.

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